We've had countless, happy Stoneridge Homes customers over the years. We hope that you will be pleased with your Stoneridge Homes and share your thoughts for our customers' page.

Check out what our customers have to say:

The Deihls

“By the way, I love, love, love the house.”

The Paynes

“We love our home, and you guys have been great to deal with.”

The Pates

“I absolutely love your work, and your homes are beautiful. Please don’t ever change.”

The Poe Family

“We would like to say thank you. You all made a very difficult time in our life an easy process. We will never forget the kindness you’ve shown to our family. You exceeded our expectations. You are more than just home builders.”

Ms. Arenz

“The move is going well, we still have a lot to do, but it’s really coming together nicely. It’s starting to feel like home! Excited about getting pictures up. Thanks again for all your help…. You have been great! It was my first time buying a home, and it was nice knowing I had you guys available to answer all my questions.”

The Randall Family

"We are especially grateful for ALL Stoneridge people & would recommend anyone interested in purchasing an already existing home or building one not to hesitate.”

Mr. Jim

“My wife Lisa and I could not be happier with our home and Stoneridge. Thanks for all your team does.”

The Jacksons

“…we are enjoying our new home, Thanks”

Ms. Darrah

To All of You at Stoneridge Homes (special thanks to April and Scott!)
I have finally moved into my beautify, brand new home in MidTowne and I absolutely love it! Thank you for helping to make home ownership a reality for me! Happy New Year!


Tom and I truly love our new home. We sincerely appreciate the time you have taken out of your day to spend with us, not to mention the compassion and dedication that you have taken in making our home perfect. Our home is always open to you!! Please stop by anytime.
Thank you again for all you have done!

Ms. Larkins

I am very pleased with the outcome of the home, it greatly exceeded my expectations! The quality of work and craftsmanship is exceptional. Wendy Dilbeck was great. Wendy was very professional and facilitated a smooth process from start to finish. As a Project Manager, I could certainly benefit from 10 Wendy’s on my team! Keith did a great job. Keith was very professional, sincere, and ensured no stone was left unturned. Keith took the time to understand if my vision had been met and that I was pleased. Angie at the Design Center was extremely helpful. Angie made what could have been an overwhelming process very manageable. I am planning on collaborating with Stoneridge on the construction of my next home.


Thanks for your help. We are loving our home. It is a great feeling to be reassured that Stoneridge is committed to an excellent customer experience regarding the warranty. You have done an excellent job. … Anyone who buys anything other than a Stoneridge Home is missing out on a quality product, support and excellent experience.


I built with Stoneridge last year and would like to thank you and the Stoneridge team for standing behind your product. I’ve filed a few warranty claims for small issues and they are always promptly fixed. Just wanted to extend my thanks to Stoneridge for being so responsive.

Mark and Laura

Thank you, Stoneridge team, for the guidance and care afforded to us during each phase of our townhouse purchase. Specifically, beginning with initial discussions with the on-site realtor and signing of the purchase contract phase, followed by meeting with the design center coordinator and associated venders phase. It was during this phase we were provided with helpful information that allowed us to optimize both material and cost. Next, the construction phase during which we were provided detailed daily and weekly progress updates, and then, to us the very important post construction warranty final phase. It was during this last phase that we were most pleased, although there were not many issues, the ones we did bring to the attention of the Stoneridge team, were immediately addressed and satisfactorily resolved.
Bottom-line from our experience we consider Stoneridge a premier builder in the Huntsville Madison area. With sincere appreciation,
Mark and Laura

Mr. Pate

Hi Stoneridge Team, I just moved into one of your houses that was built back in 2011 in Lake Forest. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the care and attention to detail that you put into the house. I got so tired of seeing houses with the cheapest possible everything, and your homes were such a welcome relief. I want you to know that people do appreciate what you are doing, and not everyone is in the market for the cheapest spec house that a mass producer can throw together. After we walked into the first Stoneridge home, we knew we were going to be buying something that you built. I absolutely love your work, and your homes are beautiful. Please don’t ever change.