Why Stoneridge?

At Stoneridge Homes, we strive to go above and beyond in designing and crafting quality personalized homes at production prices and include features that exceed our customers’ expectations.  Don’t believe us?

Take a look below at what we do differently!


Our Home Designer:

Stoneridge Homes is ready to assist you with the personalization of your new home at a production price!  Our home designers will take your direction and assist you with the designing of your dream home.

Our Design Center:

Stoneridge Homes has an onsite design center with a professional staff waiting to personalize your home, allowing you to choose colors and make selections.  Most of the items you will select are included, meaning you will pay no additional costs for those upgrades.  Please compare our included amenities to our competitors.

Brick Walls that Ventilate:

As the brick mason constructs a brick wall, mortar will fall between the exterior walls and the wood frame.  Stoneridge Homes takes the extra step to ventilate this space by removing brick at the ledge, eliminating the mortar, and re-installing the brick, reducing the possibility of mold forming.

Brick Walls that Ventilate

Rebar Foundations:

Every Stoneridge home is built on a foundation that will last!  Reinforced with steel rebar, our foundations exceed the norm with increased tensile strength which reduces the risk of cracking, making them the strongest around!

Driveways and Sidewalks are Stronger:

Stoneridge uses 3,000 PSI strength rated concrete for your driveway and sidewalk, which can withstand 500lbs. more pressure than standard driveways and sidewalks.

Solid Wood Custom Cabinets:

Your kitchen will be created using only solid wood, including all your shelves and drawers.  All cabinet drawers and doors are built with a “soft close” feature as well.

Plumbing/Electrical Transition Box:

In every home there are hidden wires and pipes that can be tangled in a mess, but when you look under the kitchen sink of a Stoneridge Home, you will instead find plumbing pipes and electrical wiring neatly attached to a cabinet box.  It is impressive!

Granite Vanity Countertops:

Every countertop in your home (including kitchen, all baths, laundry room and all others) will be granite and master bath vanities built at “gentleman height” – higher than standard!

Custom Trim:

This is a must-see feature!  All Stoneridge homes include a signature Custom Trim Package that sets your home apart from others.  The trim is installed using a “key stone” cut which allows the wood to expand and contract without effecting the beauty of your home.

Iron Doors:

Available in most communities, everyone will remember their first visit to your new home when they walk through Stoneridge’s signature iron doors!

Tankless Water Heater:

Almost every Stoneridge home includes a tankless water heating system for endless hot water on demand!

Upgraded Paint:

Your walls will be painted with paint that scores THREE levels above typical builder base paint!  We will also take the extra step to protect your bathroom walls by painting them with eggshell paint, guarding them against water damage.

Interior Framed Walls:

Our interior walls are 16” on center, not 24’ like many other builders, providing additional stability to our homes.

Columns that Fit Your Home:

We ensure the exterior columns fit your porch by widening the above header so that the column is not wider than the heading.  The wider heading not only improves the look of your home, but also prevents rot and animals from nesting inside the columns.

Energy Efficient Windows:

In our opinion, we have the best and most efficient windows in the industry.  The window is as thick as the framed wall which eliminates water damage, making it almost twice as thick as standard window casings and one of the most efficient windows in the industry.  Not to mention a thicker, heavier window adds great curb appeal!


Stoneridge Homes is one of the very few builders to employ the practice of “flashing” to prevent moisture from entering your home.  Ask us how this amazing process works and how we will keep you dry!

Warranty Department:

Not only do we strive to build a quality home, we also provide our customers with a very comprehensive warranty program and a full time Warranty Department ready to service your request.  Upon receipt of a Request for Service, which can be requested from our website, the Warranty Coordinator will determine the appropriate action.  The response time for new home warranty repairs can range from same day (in case of emergency) to several weeks depending on scheduling and the nature of your request.

Passive Radon System:

As a builder in North Alabama we are aware of the presence of radon gas; however, Stoneridge Homes includes a passive radon system to allow the gases (if present) to vent from the foundation.

Rounded Wall Corners:

Stoneridge Homes pioneered this look that for years has continued to be a Stoneridge Standout.  The “softer” corners throughout your home offer additional beauty to our already custom trim package.

Home Networking System:

Your home networking system will be wired to a centrally located structured wiring box.*

Painted Vent Pipes:

Have you ever noticed how many homes have white PVC pipes that extrude from their roofs?  By simply painting the white pipe a similar color as the roof, we enhance the beautiful elevations of our homes.

Crown Trim:

When a piece of crown molding is shorter than the size of the room, we add a center joint in the room which is called a key stone cut. Wood, especially trim, expands and contracts during the first year after construction, causing the trim to separate. The key stone cut reducing the chances of this happening and is yet another way we pay attention to detail.


When visiting our Design Center, you will notice that most of our flooring options are not upgrades, but are included in your home!

Upgraded Plumbing Fixtures:

You will not be asked to pay more for upgraded Delta plumbing fixtures…they are included!

Hybrid Heat:

In most communities where available, we provide natural gas, energy efficient hybrid heating system that switch from electric to natural gas when temperatures drop below 36° in order to properly heat your home.

Three Upgraded Paint Colors:

You will have the opportunity to select three paint colors in our Design Center for most of our communities to further personalize your home. Our Sherwin Williams paint is an upgraded quality paint, not the low builder grade paint that easily fades or washes off. Sherwin Williams paint is built to last!

Foundation Drains:

Most of our foundations are raised, block and fill, and crawl space foundations which are designed with drains to allow any accumulated water to drain from the foundation.

Garage Floor:

Our garage floors are elevated above the driveway to reduce water from being blown into the garage.

*May vary by community

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